What is LiveJasmin?

This is one of the longest running and popular adult live webcam sites. LiveJasmin initial concept was to provide a sort of reality TV content but with an erotic angle to it. The site was founded in 2001 and it did not take long to grow its popularity.

Initially the performers did their acts individually at the privacy of their homes making the viewers feel as if they were peeking into someone’s bedroom. This made the viewers to easily bond with the models and they felt as if they were privately engaging sexually with them.

Over the years the site has changed to offer more varieties of acts and a wide range of models who are available anytime of the day. The site has recently redesigned its entire interface offering new live TV channels that can be watched all day.

Being one of the most popular adult sites, it offers free membership and it has reasonable prices in case one needs private shows. It has high quality video and audio, where online models are easy to chat with, friendly and easy to respond to requests.

The site has also made it easy to browse through their many models and categories with helpful insights to help you narrow down what you want. They have recommendations like who is the hottest act/model, who is most sought after model and who has the most views.

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LiveJasmin Credits HackThe bios of the models have also been expanded to show bigger pictures with better resolutions of them unlike the past. All of these changes are to make one feel more comfortable and able to make a more informed choice without wasting time having to go through so many profiles to get what you want.

To enjoy more of the sites services one can upgrade their membership to premium whereby the prices are quite reasonable compared to many adult sites. Viewers buy credits from LiveJasminHacks in order to enjoy the services and the more credits you buy at once the longer time you are awarded. Models earn from the credits a viewer awards them which is later converted to currency.

Although the majority of the performances are of women, one can also get good acts from extremely handsome men, transsexuals and couples. The site has models from all over the world thus having everything for everyone.

The site is known for its strict rules both for the models and viewers and if one breaks the many rules whether as a paying client or as a performer you are sure to be banned from the site.

The reason why this site stands out from other adult live webcam sites is their high definition picture and sound quality, which enables the viewers, have maximum satisfaction. The streaming is smooth making one enjoy their experience. Not to forget, this popular site has one of the widest ranges of models to offer. The models are friendly and warm and the site support team is quite helpful and ready to answer any questions one has. No wonder LiveJasmin hack has remained so popular and its ratings high.

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Chaturbate is an adult live webcam site that started in 2011 and since then grown so much to over millions active users and viewers. Chaturbate is different from the rest of live webcam sites because of its friendly, popular and fair approach.

Chaturbate HackAnother reason why Chaturbate token adder is very popular is because it is free to everyone who is of legal age. This site has come to be a trusted site among the many adult webcam sites. It has created its trustworthiness by ensuring that it is genuinely free and offering a wide selection of adult cams to choose from. To share your video on Chaturbate one needs to only register a username and broadcast yourself to the world.

Albeit its free nature there are strict volunteer people who help to police the site by ensuring that underage people do not get to use the site. They immediately shut down any suspicious performers who are suspected to be minors. To enjoy the services of this site, one needs to open a free account which gives you access to many different models. The models have detailed bios on themselves. You can also watch free shows although this are limited.

With a free account and as a basic user you do not get to enjoy the services of instant messaging as this are a reserve for premium members. The site has friendly support team that ensures its members not only get to enjoy its services but also get a wide range of performances from male, female, transsexual, couples and group chats. Members can also get to request private performances from their favorite models for the right amount of tokens send to the model.

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The sites webcams are of high quality offering good high definition pictures. The site also offers different languages ensuring that it is global and can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world. Unlike other sites, ChaturbateTokenHacks members are asked to buy tokens of their favorite shows and the performers earn money through the number of tokens one has collected. The site then takes a share of the earnings from the performer gets the rest.

The rules on chartubate are that one should not show an act that is of violence in nature, perform with animals and use of excrement. The only one downside of the site is that some of the models can be rude and demand tokens from viewers. Although the strict policing of the site ensures that if a model is caught being rude they are immediately banned from the site All in all Chaturbate.com site is a rare find in the adult live webcam sites around because of its free nature, friendliness and offers the best customer satisfaction.

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is one of the fastest growing cam website online. There are so many benefits that you will get from this website. You get the chance to meet many people and beautiful models from different countries who you can chat with.

The website uses the best chat technology and has girls and guys who are willing to perform live hoping to be given some tips. You can sign up for an account in order to be a member and this gives you the opportunity to enjoy many benefits and different features. You can also build relationships by giving tokens and people will recognize you.

Popular Features of the Website

There are several features that are provided in this website and using these features is very easy. Some of the features include the following;

– Free sex shows

– Camgirl attention

– Different blogs of sexy blogs

– Naked video-chats snapshots

– Bonus tokens

– Sending of private messages to supporters

Important Tips to Help You Enjoy Chaturbate Features

Chaturbate Token HackThere are several important tips that can greatly help you to benefit optimally from the different features of this website. The first thing that you need to do is creating an account. Membership is available for different users without any extra cost.

Registration will take a short period of time and you can easily enjoy the benefits once you are a member. Another important thing that you need to do is buying tokens (or you can use this free Chaturbate token hack). They are effective in appreciating people in your favorite chat room and increases your reputation. Good reputation gives you the chance to meet beautiful models and other people.

There are different affiliate programs that can help you earn more money. If you want to make more money, refer as many people as possible and this helps you get additional income. Joining the affiliate programs is very easy and you are given some training and necessary tools that help you boost your efforts.

Pros and Cons of the Chaturbate Token Hack

One of the benefit of this site is that you get the chance to see hot asses to naked tits and you do not necessarily have to pay anything. There are different chat features and other things that keeps users busy during live sex shows. The cons of the site include overpriced camgirls.

Chaturbate is a place where you can watch different videos and get the chance to interact with different people. Joining the site is simple and there are so many benefits that you will enjoy. You also get the chance to make more money by directing other users to the site.

Free LiveJasmin Hack

Get connected to thousands of webcam chat models from all over the world any time of the day. That is what LiveJasmin (LJ) promises its punters and it largely delivers. It is one of the industry’s longest serving members and has recently had a revamp.

LiveJasmin At First Glance

Every man has their dream girl, and maybe every woman too. At LJ as the site is popularly called, there is variety to pick your favourite from. Whether hair colour or skin colour does it for you, there is a plethora of blonde, brunette, Reds, dark skin coloured, pale skin tones and everything in between. Looking for big plucky lips or round sexy eyes, there is a girl for you online right now. A real industry leader, LJ must be doing something right if all these girls love working there. For 1-to-1 or couples fun, this is the place to be.

What We Think Makes LJ Work

LiveJasmin HackThe site overhaul has refreshed the look and introduced an entirely new interface. They have introduced internet TV channels which are live 24/7. The navigation has also been simplified and makes it easier to see who is online and available right now. You can also easily tell the most popular girls now.

Larger high resolution thumbnails set LJ apart from the competition. This allows you to shop on the fly without the need to click the image of the girl. Only if you are really interested and would like to know more about the girl do you need to click on her image. All the vital statistic are clearer with Hi-res photos, from the size of the tits and ass, waist size and face.

Its not only the thumbnails which have been given a makeover, but the video quality as well. All videos or the majority are now high definition which introduces a clarity never seen before. This ups the excitement factor and gets you as close as you can with your chosen girl. The picture is crystal clear quality and now you can see exactly what you are getting before you commit.

The entire navigation of the site has been greatly improved, which is aimed at delivering a better service but also making it easier for punters to spend more. Scrolling through a girl’s images, icons for buying more credits (Use this LiveJasmin hack to get free credits!) and sending girls gifts have been enlarged. Real business thinking has gone into the redesign.

Variety and prices has largely remained the same with a flat fee of $1.99 looking like the standard for thousands of girls. Mind you it’s not just girls on LJ, it caters for everyone’s desires and there are transgender, men, LGBT and couples.


LJ does blow the competition out of the water due to the sheer number of girls, young, MILFs, and everything in between that are available to chat with. The quality of the chat experience and camera definition is phenomenal and so is the choice and variety. Check it out for yourself and see if you agree.